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A Pet Rescue Network is a network of Wherespet partners, composed of Animal Welfare Associations, other app users and Vets.

These partners use and promote our "Wherespet app", which can be downloaded for Android devices for the purpose of getting leads, through other users, to the whereabouts of missing pets. (coming soon to iOS and Windows Phone!)

The collection of information and consequent disclosure of it to the relevant partners and other users of our app, greatly increases the probability of the animals already lost being reunited by their owners.

How the Wherespet App works

User downloads the app on Google Play
(Download Here).

Whenever someone spots our finds a lost pet, he/she can take photos and, with few clicks and in less than a minute, submit that information to Wherespet.

Wherespet will handle the information and distribute it to other app users and mainly to our partners.

All this focused on a single European system.

Who Can Use It

Anyone wanting to do a good deed and help a lost pet return to its family. Join us and "Be a Hero" to our four-legged best friends!

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